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"Пегас Туристик" ИП Орлова Н.Г. Горящие туры на чартерные рейсы! Таиланд, Вьетнам. гостиница "Гагарин", ул. Комсомольская, 133, 2 этаж, офис 130, тел.: 40-02-98, 44-22-61

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Charter flight to Vietnam from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The number of places in hotels is limited!VietnamVacation39500 RURWelcome Tour
Special offer! Have time to recharge your batteries on the best beaches in Phuket. The last charter flight from Yuzhno-SakhalinskThailandVacation55000 RURWelcome Tour
NEWMariana IslandsNorthern Marianas IslandsVacation-Sunrise-Tour
June flower parade, excursions, shopping in JapanJapanVacation, Excursion, Shop-Tour, Family51800 RURSunrise-Tour
Pegas Touristik is pleased to offer its own charter program to Vietnam from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok! Discounts up to 50%VietnamVacation, Excursion, Family11608 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Sensation! An unprecedented drop in the price of the nearest flight! Family hotels chain Dessole from Pegas Tourist is a luxury holiday for all! Departure from Yuzhno-SakhalinskVietnamVacation, Excursion, Family45092 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
The fascinating beauty of sunny Cyprus! The clear sea, beaches and water parks are waiting for you! Early booking! Discounts up to 50%!CyprusVacation, Excursion, Shop-Tour, Family18000 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Top-18 hotels in Nha Trang! Tours from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok! Direct flights for the period of spring - summer! Discounts up to 50%!VietnamVacation, Excursion, Family24131 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Luxury Hotel TTC Hotel Premium - Michelia 4 * is pleased to offer you a new concept of food breakfast and dinner!VietnamVacation, Excursion, Sanatorium Treatment, Family43100 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Summer in Bulgaria! Own charter flights Pegas TouristikBulgariaVacation, Excursion, Sanatorium Treatment9700 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Favorite "all inclusive". Discounts up to 50%!TurkeyVacation, Excursion, Family9800 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
New Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* and legendary Lonicera World Hotels 4* - a wonderful holiday for children and adults. Early booking, discounts up to 30%TurkeyVacation, Excursion, Family12000 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Hotels in the Dominican Republic for a family holiday! Hop on its flights Pegas TouristikDominican republicVacation, Excursion, Family46000 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Enjoy excellent service in Fusion Resort Nha Trang 5 * - Spa included in the price! (Bestseller in the city of Cam Ranh)VietnamVacation83400 RURPegast Touristic, agency retailer
Last minute tours to Vietnam from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok! Direct flights for the period of spring - summer! Discounts up to 50%!VietnamVacation, Excursion, Family11608 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Top hotels on the luxury island of Hainan (direct charter flights from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok)ChinaVacation, Excursion, Family22000 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Hainan Island "Eastern Hawaii" is a turquoise sea, snow-white beaches and clean, curative air (flight from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok)ChinaVacation, Excursion, Sanatorium Treatment, Family17500 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Hot tours and early booking! Discounts up to 50%! Family hotels Dessole - a chic sea + food all-inclusive + children and adults activities!VietnamVacation, Excursion, Family45092 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Promotion from The Village Coconut Island 5*. Power All inclusive. Tours from Khabarovsk and VladivostokThailandVacation, Excursion, Family72500 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Croatia - the world's most beautiful country and 8 national parks with a total area of 994 square metersCroatiaVacation, Excursion, Family11003 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Hotel chain Rixos - style, luxury and the highest level in everything!TurkeyVacation, Excursion, Family38870 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Vietnam is your best vacation! Presentation of 10 new hotels in Nha Trang. Discounts up to 35%VietnamVacation, Excursion, Family30485 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Hotel with water park - One Resort Aqua Park & Spa 4*TunisiaVacation, Excursion, Family13900 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
Dominican Republic - a country of paradise climate, where the summer lasts all year round! Start selling winter program! (Punta Cana, La Romana, Boca Chica from Moscow)Dominican republicVacation, Excursion, Family55000 RURMegaTravel.RF, travel company
NEWNative land - love and know!Combined holidaysVacation, Kids Vacation, Ecological8628 RURAmist, tour-business club
Chiropractic in the city of Hunchun. The head and the guide always with you!ChinaSanatorium Treatment-Red Dragon, tourist agency
Action: you 4 people? - 50% discount! medical tours in the sanatorium "Pearl"ChinaSanatorium Treatment12500 RURRed Dragon, tourist agency
Sanatorium "Pearl" for the action for pensioners! Now 50% discount for you, dear!ChinaSanatorium Treatment6300 RURRed Dragon, tourist agency
Leisure, shopping tour, excursions, treatment in HunchunChinaVacation, Excursion, Shop-Tour, Sanatorium Treatment7300 RURRed Dragon, tourist agency
NEWProsthetics from A to Z, treatment, rehabilitation, massages, entertainment - all in the quiet town of Hunchun. Clinics of your choiceChinaSanatorium Treatment-Red Dragon, tourist agency
"People of the Future" summer camp. English + vacation on the seaHong KongKids Education, Kids Vacation147498 RURAmist, tour-business club
NEWTwo-week English language courses in Hong Kong in the summer camp "People of the Future"Hong KongKids Education97388 RURAmist, tour-business club
The best amusement parks in Seoul! Group tour for the summerSouth KoreaVacation, Excursion, Family35567 RURAmist, tour-business club
Hokkaido in summer: harvesting fruits and thermal springsJapanVacation58750 RURSunrise-Tour
August: Tokyo + beach holiday on the island of Okinawa (group tour)JapanVacation, Excursion86500 RURSunrise-Tour
Express tour for real men in Tokyo (airfare included)JapanVacation, Thematic55500 RURSunrise-Tour
October. Tokyo - Yokohama - Odaiba (group tour)JapanVacation75500 RURSunrise-Tour
August: Tokyo - Hakone - Yokohama - Tokyo (group tour)JapanExcursion73500 RURSunrise-Tour
November. Osaka - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Miyajima (group tour)JapanVacation90500 RURSunrise-Tour
We - 15 years! The first excursion superekonom Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka - Tokyo (3 tours)JapanExcursion68500 RURSunrise-Tour
September. Kamakura - Enoshima - Tokyo - Yokohama (group tour)JapanVacation70900 RURSunrise-Tour
15th anniversary of the company. First! Superekon Tokyo - Kyoto - Nara (3 excursions)JapanExcursion68550 RURSunrise-Tour
NEW15th anniversary of the company's dedicated! Cheaper than you can imagine: Tokyo - Kyoto (3 tours)JapanExcursion63400 RURSunrise-Tour
Summer super offer! Five-day package tour in Tokyo on Fridays (air + hotel + transfer + visa)JapanVacation42500 RURSunrise-Tour
Tokyo Disneyland: endless entertainment for children and adultsJapanVacation, Kids Vacation, Family48500 RURSunrise-Tour
Magic aura VietnamVietnamVacation31600 RURZhara, travel company
Nevelsk is where the Steller's sea lions are!City toursVacation1650 RURSodruzhestvo
Vietnam from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk! Direct flight! Discounts, installments!VietnamVacation29000 RURTroika Tour
Opening of ShanghaiChinaVacation, Family, Excursion14500 RURAmist, tour-business club
NEWExclusive sightseeing tour to Vietnam + rest in Nha Trang. Air tickets and excursions includedVietnamSea Cruise, Vacation, Family, Excursion69400 RURDream, LLC
Tours: 1 - 50 of 2325
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